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Le 20 octobre 2020 Par Sabine VANDERSTRICHT

DELCADE is proud to announce the continuing expansion of the firm with the opening of a new office in Lille, France.

The office will be headed by partners Frédérique Sallée (employment)  and Jean-Philippe Chenard (distribution and franchising).

The two partners split their time between Paris and Lille, where they hope to reinforce relationships with clients in France’s third largest metropolis. “The Lille metropolitan area is an important economic center,” explained Frédérique Sallée. “It is dynamic and in the midst of economic revitalization. It is well-known as the birthplace of important entrepreneurial initiatives and design of precursor business concepts. We are thrilled to participate in the economic expansion of this region and look forward to being able to serve the Lille business community via our new office in the heart of Lille’s city center”.

Additionally,” added Jean-Philippe Chenard, “Lille is strategically located at the intersection of major European capitals, which will allow us to serve international clients from this new regional office.”

DELCADE has created a business model that allows lawyers to collaborate across locations and meet with clients and business partners in confidence.

We carefully select our office locations to ensure that we can welcome our clients in optimal conditions,” explained Benoît Lafourcade, one of the firm’s founding partners. “Our offices are easily accessible in the centers of Paris, Bordeaux and Lille, with comfortable, modern meeting spaces, all while offering our partners flexibility in the manner in which they manage their practices.”


Frédérique Sallée, DELCADE partner since 2017, provides consulting and litigation services in labour and employment law for SMEs, international companies and their directors. She has extensive expertise in corporate reorganisation and related labour and employment issues.


Jean-Philippe Chenard, Partner, has developed recognized expertise in the area of ​​distribution networks (franchise, partnership, selective distribution, brand license, affiliation commission, cooperatives, etc.). He regularly advises heads of networks and master franchisees in France and internationally.



DELCADE: A growing law firm embracing an innovative practice model for today’s lawyers

In 2016, attorneys Fabrice Delouis and Benoît Lafourcade envisioned a new kind of law firm embracing an innovative and flexible model, where lawyers could practice collaboratively but with greater autonomy in managing their practices.

An early adopter, DELCADE was one of the first French law firms organized as an SAS (société par actions simplifiée). DELCADE’s agile structure allows partners substantial autonomy, all while working within a highly-integrated team of talented lawyers practicing across the spectrum of business law fields.

At DELCADE, we believe that providing excellent client service is essential,” said founding partner Fabrice Delouis. “We also believe that providing excellent client service requires recruiting and retaining top-quality legal talent, both at the partner and associate level. To do this, lawyers need to be professionally fulfilled. This is why we work hard to create the kind of environment that will foster professional satisfaction for our lawyers and excellent results for our clients. Our firm welcomes innovative ideas, celebrates successes, makes use of the latest technology, and invests in work spaces that are efficient and practical.”

This approach has been particularly effective in light of contemporary social and technological transformation.

Continuing growth in response to current needs

Thanks to smart technology use, collaborative work methods and flexible work arrangements, DELCADE offers an ideal environment for lawyers who want the freedom to organize their own legal practices coupled with a high-performing team environment. Recent events affecting public health have proven the effectiveness of our approach.

Originally established in Bordeaux in 2016, the firm’s reach today extends across France and internationally. In 2019 and 2020, DELCADE was recognized as a leading firm by the Legal 500. DELCADE’s expansion into Lille positions the firm to build on these successes in coming years.

Under the leadership of Frédérique Sallée and Jean-Philippe Chenard, the firm anticipates rapid growth in its partnership in the Lille office. Recruitment of partners is expected in tax, M&A, white collar defense, environmental law, and business litigation.

Sabine Vanderstricht
Sabine VANDERSTRICHT Responsable du développement

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